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Summitt Forest Products

At Van Briggle Floors, we are proud to be the largest Summitt Forest Products dealer in Northern California. We are also honored to be one of a few select Factory Authorized Service Provider. Come visit our Campbell showroom to discover the largest collection of Summitt Forest Products samples available near Los Gatos and the greater Bay Area. If you have a custom floor in mind, our experts staff will help guide design your own custom Summitt Flooring the way that you want.

Interested in Summitt Forest Products?

About Summitt Forest Products

American made and located in Southern California, Summitt Forest Products provides a standard color pallet that is larger than any other West Coast plank manufacturer. In addition to an extensive color pallet, Summitt Forest Products offers all of their floorings in both Engineered hardwood or Solid boards. With a multitude of custom options, you have the ability to choose from any of their standard collections and personalize it with a variety of upgrades giving you the floor of your dreams.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for within their standard collections, Summitt Forest Products will create a custom hardwood floor using your choices of species, grade, color, size, texture and finish. Unlike many other prefinished hardwood flooring manufacturers, Summitt Forest Products produces their own full line of trim. From complex stair components to flush mount vents, your accessories will be tailor-made to provide continuity of color and appearance throughout your home.


Private Reserve Collection

The Private Reserve Collection was the very first collection of hardwood floors manufactured by Summitt Forest Products. A tastefully hand sculpted rustic grade hardwood floor that shows off the natural beauty of the wood and offers an old-world appeal unlike any other.

Rustic Grade

American Hickory – American Black Walnut – Mendocino Handsculpted – Piedmont Handsculpted – UV Cured Ceramic Finish


Thickness: ½” with 3mm wear layer
Width: 7”
Length: Random Length to 7’


Thickness: ¾”
Width: 7”
Length: Random Length to 11’


Founders Reserve Collection

The Founders Reserve Collection provides a wider standard width, a thicker wear layer, and lengths all the way up to 12 feet. Summitt Forest Products produced the Founders Reserve Collection to accommodate homeowners that favored wider planks and longer boards. These bigger boards add a sense of openness and sophistication to larger room sizes.

Rustic Grade

American White Oak – American Hickory – American Black Walnut – Hard Maple – Smooth – Wire Brushed – Mendocino Handsculpted – Piedmont Handsculpted – Napa Patinaed – UV Cured Ceramic Finish


Thickness: ⅝” with 3.5mm wear layer
Width: 8”
Length: Random Length to 12’


Thickness: ¾”
Width: 8”
Length: Random Length to 12’


Old Vines Collection

The Old Vines Collection is made from American White Oak with a magnificent brushed surface texture and finished with Rubio Monocoat European Oil. Summitt Forest Products created the Old Vines Collection for the homeowners that want an oil finished hardwood floor that requires little maintenance and beauty that lasts. Also available in herringbone and chevron, your options are virtually limitless.

Rustic Grade

American White Oak – Smooth – Wire Brushed – Primitivo Handsculpted – Rubio Monocoat European Oil Finish


Thickness: ⅝” with 3.5mm wear layer
Width: 8”
Length: Random Length to 12’


Thickness: ¾”
Width: 8”
Length: Random Length to 12’


Gallery Exclusive Collection

Summitt Forest Products has hand-picked an assortment of remarkable custom hardwood floors throughout the United States and created a collection, The Gallery Exclusive Collection is an array of grades, species, textures, finishes, colors, and sizes created by homeowners that really stood out to Summitt Forest Products.

Rustic Grade – Light Rustic Grade – Select Grade

American White Oak – American Hickory – American Black Walnut

Primitivo Handsculpted – Piedmont Handsculpted
Mendocino Handsculpted Smooth – Brushed – Custom Scrape

Rubio Monocoat European Oil Finish – UV Cured Ceramic Finish – Ceramic/Oil Hybrid


Premium Collection

Summitt Forest Products created The Premium Collection to offer a more refined appearance for homeowners that do not want a rustic grade hardwood floor. These beautifully crafted hardwood floors are for those homeowners that do not want a character grade, old world look (I.e. knots or splits).

Mostly Clear Grade (allowing for occasional knot)

American White Oak – American Black Walnut – American Hickory – Smooth – Wire Brushed – Ultra-Clear, 100% VOC Free Ceramic – Fortified Urethane


Thickness: ⅝” with a 3.5mm Wear Layer
Width: 8”
Length: Random Length to 10’


Natural Elements Collection

The Natural Elements Collection is manufactured from the finest North American White Oak lumber, carefully sawn in the French fashion, resulting in wood flooring planks of unsurpassed beauty and character.

Rather than obscuring this natural beauty with heavy stains and dyes, Summitt Forest Products has chosen instead to employ classic European finishing techniques that enhance, rather than hide, the inherent warmth, coloration, and grain pattern of the timber.

Rustic Grade

French-Cut American White Oak – Smooth – Handsculpted – Ultra-Clear, 100% VOC Free Ceramic – Fortified Urethane


Thickness: 9/16” with 3mm Wear Layer
Width: 8”
Length: Random Length to 10’

Build Your Own Custom Hardwood Floors

Choose Your Species

Summitt Forest Products has access to a variety of hardwoods, you are not limited to the standard species used in their collections.

Different type of flooring
Different Types of Flooring
Different types of flooring

Choose Your Finish

Rubio Monocoat European Oil Finish
UV-Cured Urethane Finish
Ceramic/Oil Hybrid Finish

UV-Cured Ceramic Finish

Ultra Hard - Ultra Durable - Easily Re-Coated
Zero VOCs
Matte finish is standard.
Custom gloss levels are available on a custom basis.

Rubio European Oil Finish

All natural vegetable-based oil finish
Respects the natural 'look and feel' of the wood.
Proper maintenance will keep this floor looking factory-new for generations!

Choose A Surface Treatment

Summitt Forest Products has the ability to recreate nearly any surface treatment technique! Among the most popular choices are Mendocino, Primitivo & Piedmont Handsculpted.


Choose A Wood Grade

Light Rustic

Choose A Color

Submit a wood sample of the color you desire or choose from any of the Standard Summitt Forest Product Colors!

plank size chart

Choose A Plank Size

Choose a custom width from three inches all the way through twelve inches!

Choose Between Solid or Engineered

Engineered: Glue Down: Yes Nail-Down: Yes Radiant Heat: Yes
Solid: Glue Down: No Nail-Down: Yes Radiant Heat: No

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