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Customer Testimonials

We had our floors done by Van Briggle a few months ago. Even now, we can't stop admiring them. I wanted to get our whole house done, but we had a limited budget. Bob and Bill worked with us and were able to find a solution and product that would fit within our budget and look beautiful. We had solid wood floors (Cumaru) put into every room in the house. They worked with our schedule and were very knowledgeable about the product options and install options. We ran into a few snags with the factory, but they were able to keep us on schedule and find an alternative product that was even better. We were thrilled. The installer, Ty, was wonderful. He was friendly and obviously knew his stuff. The whole project was done so quickly. When they were done, we were sorry to see them go. Highly recommended. I can't say enough. Their showroom has everything you can imagine. The people are so friendly. The prices are right in line with everyone else (if not less). The work is top notch and what could have been a nerve-wracking project, turned out to be a breeze. Thank you Bob and Bill!!

Kim C.

After seeing how poorly my friend's floor was installed I'm so glad I used Van Briggle. They spent a long time making sure the floor was properly aligned and I'm very pleased with the results. We had one minor issue: we weren't aware that we wouldn't be able to get in the house one night. Our concrete slab needed a moisture barrier (paint on waterproofing) and it was still wet when we got home so we left footprints in it and they had to re-do the coating (which they did without complaint).

Matt B.

We had Van Briggle Floors refinish our oak floors in the living/dining room, hallway, and entryway. They moved our furniture gently and carefully to the patio, removed carpeting from the living room and hallway, and ceramic tile in the entryway. All this was done quickly and efficiently. The sanding was done with minimal dust. Varnishing and buffing the floors resulted in a beautifully finished floor that we are very happy with. A couple of damaged boards were replaced. This all was done within the estimated time despite the fact that there was a 2-3 hour power outage. The floor finisher worked hard and carefully and did an outstanding job. All of the furniture was put back with new felt pads to protect the floors.

Roy O.

I recently had a bad experience with a flooring store in Santa Clara so, I called Bob and he came out right away. Bob was punctual and easy to talk to. Bob showed me what needed to be done and took the time to go through all of my options. Bob helped me select the best option for my family. I saw a sample of Bob's work at my neighbor's house in San Jose and I was very impressed with his work product. I look forward to Bob's estimate and work in the future.

Kiet N.

I had my hardwood floors done by Van Briggle Floors, and I'm very happy with their work and professionalism. When I walked into Van Briggle Floors in Campbell, I was pleasantly surprised at their large selection of samples. Bob is the owner and he was very patient with my list of questions and explained to me the various materials and methods of installation. I was very impressed with their customer service, and since his price was comparable to other flooring company, I decided to go with him.

Susan T.

When you think about Van Briggle Floors, what would you like to tell other consumers?

“I liked that everyone was professional, personable, helpful, and knew their jobs and did them well. They had everything in order, so the process flowed smoothly through the installation. I got a lovely wooden floor and one room and really love the quality I received.”

“The quality of their work was excellent. The responsiveness to our questions and phone calls was excellent. The workmen did a superb job on the installation. The workmen were also careful of our furnishings and other things in our house. They were a pleasure to work with.”

“I found them to be very honest, responsible, and dependable. They really were helpful, caring, and professional. They made things right.”

“I like their honesty and that they were so accommodating. We needed everything done in a day, and they were able to do that for us, which was very helpful.”

“I really love the quality of their work. The materials that they worked with were great, and they did such great craftsmanship. The floors are just beautiful.”

“I get nothing but compliments on the floors. We would use them again because how perfectly they were able to match the hardwood. You can’t tell where the 50-year-old wood ends and the one-year-old wood starts.”

“I thought that they were really attentive to our needs and I liked that Bob came out to the house every day to check on the progress of everything. They seem to be really on top of it all.”

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