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Mirage Hardwood Floors

If you are looking for a high end quality Hardwood flooring option for your exclusive Bay Area home, Mirage Hardwood floors must be one of your top choices! Mirage floors are entirely designed and manufactured in Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada. For more than 35 years, their passion for wood, precision, and commitment to quality has made Mirage Hardwood floors the leader in high-end wood flooring. Our highly skilled crews also shared the same passion and philosophy. As a result, Van Briggle Floors has been the top installer choice of Mirage Hardwood floors for many custom build home in the Bay Area.

Interested in Mirage Hardwood Floors?

About Mirage Hardwood Floors


Not only does Mirage offer more impressive widths – up to 7 ¾” – boards are longer as well, with some up to 82” long! Longer, wider boards means fewer boards are needed, which in turn means fewer, less visible joints. The result is dramatic, a more uniform look that lets the authenticity of the wood shine through. A wood Floors durability and final appearance are largely dependent on the composition of the finish and how it is applied at the factory.

At Mirage, the finish is perfectly balanced to avoid a plastic look and allow the full beauty of the wood to shine through while at the same time protecting it from life’s little mishaps. Each color has its own special effect on your décor. Flooring in a warm, matte tone brings a friendly, elegant feel to a large, cold room. A darker shade adds richness and opulence, regardless of room size. Pale colors lighten the look and give a sense of space.


Admiration Collection

The Admiration Collection, trendy colors for a unique ambiance… to be created according to your fancy. Rich wood combined with the color of creativity. A decor that is sure to impress. Be inspired, create a cozy space where dreams and desires come true. Instant happiness… The life you’ve longed for.

Character Grade – Exclusive Grade

Hickory – Maple – Red Oak – White Oak – Walnut – Yellow Birch – Smooth – Brushed – Cashmere Urethane Finish – Semi-Gloss Urethane Finish – Classic – Engineered – Lock


Exotic Collection

The Exotic Collection, stunning wood from around the world. Hues and tint that fascinate without fail. A cachet of exotic richness that will set you apart. Adventure calls. Captivating vistas and wonderful discoveries await. It’s departure time… Let the journey begin!

Exclusive Grade

African Mahogany – Brazilian Cherry – Sapele – Smooth – Cashmere Urethane Finish – Semi-Gloss Urethane Finish – Classic – Engineered – Lock


Flair Collection

The Flair Collection floor is the touchstone of an on-trend rustic chic decor. Enjoy wood with all its natural personality – knots, color variations, wide widths, and subtle colors. Get superior protection with Duramatt finish, a Mirage exclusive, for a floor that coordinates perfectly with the glossy, minimalist features of any contemporary decor.

Character Grade – Light Character Grade

Maple – Red Oak – White Oak – Smooth – Duramatt Urethane Finish – Classic – Engineered


Imagine Collection

The Imagine Collection, a textured floor designed for real life. A unique process that adds texture to the wood and helps hide the marks and scuffs of daily use. Imagination runs free in this pleasant haven. Creativity is instant. Fine-tuned, perfectly finished. The artistic touch you’ve been seeking for so long.

Character Grade

Hickory – Red Oak – White Oak – Textured – Duramatt Urethane Finish – Cashmere Urethane Finish – Classic – Engineered


Natural Collection

The Natural Collection, all the natural richness of wood. Straightforward expression. The subtle play of radiant wood grain. A look of purity for a natural timeless classic. Let your inner beauty shine through. Perfect light, playful glances – timeless moments of clarity. Come out and play!

Exclusive Grade – Character Grade – Select & Better

Hickory – Maple – Red Oak – White Oak – Walnut – Yellow Birch – Smooth – Cashmere Urethane Finish – Semi-Gloss Urethane Finish – Classic – Engineered – Lock


Sweet Memories Collection

The Sweet Memories Collection, a floor with character, one you’ll love coming home to. Mirages exclusive manufacturing processes create floors with all the charms of yesteryear. Subtle variation, knots, cracks, and other natural characteristics give this collection an authentic appearance.

Character Grade

Maple – Red Oak – White Oak – Smooth – Brushed – Cashmere Urethane Finish – Duramatt Urethane Finish – Classic – Engineered – Lock


Herringbone Collection

The Herringbone Collection, different shapes that create unusual patterns. An interplay of species for perfect illusions. Equal lengths to make symmetry come to life. The atmosphere perfect, the attire casual. Everything is in place for a day that brings your fantasies to life.

Exclusive Grade – Character Grade

Maple – Red Oak – Walnut – Smooth – Cashmere Urethane Finish – Semi-Gloss Urethane Finish – Engineered

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